DD Dynamite - Dagger Heart

Dagger Heart

DD Dynamite

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DD Dynamite - Dagger Heart

Written, arranged, and recorded on the spot during the COVID-19 lockdown between March and April, 2020. Captured at home, the approach and means of recording were kept limited and minimal with the use of a single open mic throughout the session. You can feel and hear the background very clearly, the noise, hissing, and birds chirping outside. The songs on this album appear in the exact order they were written and recorded in, they tell a story; we all have a story to tell.


Cassette Album (TC052CAS)
  1. DD Dynamite - Love (Is Always Around)
  2. DD Dynamite - Letters To N
  3. DD Dynamite - Knife My Heart
  4. DD Dynamite - Going Down (In Style)
  5. DD Dynamite - Forever and A Day
  6. DD Dynamite - Nothing Left
  7. DD Dynamite - Daydreaming
  8. DD Dynamite - Yesterday
  9. DD Dynamite - Running Out of Time
  10. DD Dynamite - Warmth of the Night