Starframes - Nicht Vergessen

Nicht Vergessen


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Starframes - Nicht Vergessen

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Starframes' casual songwriting style makes it sound like they're your old friends, more than mere accomplished musicians. They've produced a very approachable record that is meant to open your ears and mind's eye to a very real horror show. Based from Naples, Italy, Starframes are getting some serious attention. They've backed up that extra attention with a genuine, historically correct, thought provoking record.

With a command of songwriting and musical composition, paired with an intoxicating sea of sound, Nicht Vergessen delivers a new, powerful mix of 80s alt- synthetic sounds in their most polished effort yet.


12" Vinyl Album (TBMR033LTD)
  1. Starframes - 1961
  2. Starframes - Close
  3. Starframes - Berlin is in Love
  4. Starframes - Trennung
  5. Starframes - Rising Wall
  6. Starframes - Zimmerstraße
  7. Starframes - Dear Akelei
  8. Starframes - I Am No One
  9. Starframes - 1989
  10. Starframes - Amulet
  11. Starframes - If I Die Today I Will Live Tomorrow